5 reasons to quit cow's milk

5 raisons d’arrêter le lait de vache

There was a time when cow's milk was considered the best food there is, even health professionals touted its benefits to our well-being.

But currently, it has lost its pedestal. Indeed, following a study , the consumption of cow's milk is no longer highly recommended and there are many reasons for this.

Find out which ones!

Cow's milk is difficult to digest

According to several nutrition specialists, cow's milk is a food that is difficult to digest, even indigestible, because of its components. According to scientific research, it is rich in saturated fatty acids and lactose.

The stomach is not able to digest all these elements. In addition, cow's milk contains casein which causes inflammation.

Cow's milk source of cardiovascular disorders

Drinking cow's milk or consuming cow's milk products in large quantities is bad for the arteries. Indeed, this causes an increase in the amount of plasma homocysteine in the blood.

In addition, it promotes an increase in bad cholesterol levels. The risk of cardiovascular disease is therefore high.

Cow's milk, a decalcifier

It is often said that cow's milk is a concentrate of calcium and may well strengthen the bones. However, according to scientific research, the opposite is happening. True, the product is rich in calcium. However, its structure is not suitable for the human body.

In fact, cow's milk has acidifying effects. As a result, instead of strengthening the bones, it exposes them to injury. Indeed, it causes bone decalcification.

Cow's milk, an allergen

Eliminating cow's milk from your diet also protects you from various allergic disorders. Too rich in protein, this product can affect the proper functioning of the intestines.

It also contains molecules that promote the development of many allergic disorders in both infants and adults. These include eczema, bronchitis, asthma, migraines and nasopharyngitis.

Cow's milk at the origin of many pathologies

Nutrition experts also claim that cow's milk is the cause of many diseases. It promotes the risk of diabetes; colon, prostate and stomach cancer, Crohn's disease; chronic fatigue, rheumatism and arthritis. So, it is better to avoid it. In addition, there are now foods that can replace it.

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