Benefits and Principles of Healthy Eating

Bienfaits et principes de l’alimentation saine

According to the result of scientific research published in the medical journal New England Journal of Medicine, eating more fruits and vegetables improves life expectancy.

This same study reveals that a less fatty and less sugary diet reduces mortality and cardiovascular risks. If you want to live longer, you need to improve the quality of your diet, and even eat healthier . How to eat healthier? Here's everything you need to know.

What is the point of eating healthy?

A healthy diet is essential for the body to function properly. It contributes to the smooth running of neurological and cerebral, cellular and hormonal functions. It also helps build muscle and tissue. So what is a healthy diet ? It's eating a balanced diet and providing your body with the nutrients it needs.

In addition, nutritional deficiencies expose you to the risk of pathological disorders, sometimes serious. Lack of nutrients can, among other things, cause hair loss, dry skin, anemia, fatigue...

However, it should be emphasized that some nutrients can only be absorbed by being combined with other elements. Vitamin D is, for example, necessary for the bones for the assimilation of calcium. It should also be noted that the same nutrients are not found in foods. To be able to take advantage of the benefits of each of them, it is therefore essential to eat a varied diet . In other words, healthy eating consists of varying the components of each meal.

The basic rules of a healthy diet:


Eating healthy consists of varying the content of your plate , but it also obeys other rules. The first is about hydration. It is advisable to hydrate regularly, by drinking an average of 2 liters of water per day.

Fruits and vegetables

Another rule of a healthy diet is to think about bringing more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber to your body, because it is essential for its development. The best sources are fruits and vegetables. They are to be consumed without moderation. The ideal is to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

Natural and industrialized sugars

The more natural it is, the better it is for your body. Honey and maple syrup are some examples of natural sugars that should be added to your diet in moderation. Refined sugars such as those used in ice cream, soft drinks and cookies should be avoided.

Good and bad fats

Good fats such as omega 3 and 6 from nuts, poisons and certain seeds meet our daily needs. Bad fats should be limited, since they can be harmful to the body if their content is too high.

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