Everything you need to know about the diet

Tout savoir sur le régime diététique

The dietary regime adapts perfectly to your tastes and your rhythm of life.

For who ?

The diet is intended for people who wish to lose weight gradually, while respecting the balance of their body. It is slow, but perfect for the body.

Natural, unrestricted and gradual, your weight loss will, on the other hand, be sustainable.

It is particularly close to food rebalancing .

The pros and cons of the diet plan

It is a very low calorie nutritional program , but also very balanced. The diet allows for gentle weight loss .

Adapted to everyone's tastes, needs and lifestyle, it offers gradual weight loss and helps you reach your ideal weight .

The meals are very varied, which avoids any monotony. And small deviations are even allowed in order to avoid any frustration. It also allows you to become familiar with a healthy and balanced diet .

In addition, no side effects or deficiencies are to be feared, since the diet is sufficiently nutritious.

However, the pace of this diet is sometimes considered too slow, which can cause strong demotivation. Indeed, the results will not be immediate, it will be necessary to be patient.

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