A diet, for whom and why?

Un régime, pour qui et pourquoi ?

A diet is a change in eating habits. It must be followed with vigilance so as not to cause deficiencies. Many diets exist to treat or relieve health problems or simply to refine your figure.

A diet can be started independently by an individual for aesthetic and wellness reasons.

Be careful, however, not to chase the pounds! If an obsession with "extra pounds" becomes apparent, see a doctor for screening for eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, or see a psychologist to discuss your eating disorders.

A diet, why?

Why do you want to lose weight ? The answers are unique to each person. However, the reasons must be consistent and rational, otherwise you will not be able to stay motivated throughout the nutritional program .

A diet can be followed as a therapeutic or preventive treatment, but as a general rule, many people decide to go on a diet for the simple purpose of refining their figure and losing the famous “extra pounds”.

Diets are often difficult to follow in the long term, which is why it is essential to be very motivated and to have a real need to lose weight .

In the same way, it is essential to set an achievable goal, otherwise you will not see the expected effects and lose all your motivation.

A diet will be more ineffective, and the lost pounds will come back quickly if you do not practice, in parallel, a regular sports activity. You also need to stay hydrated.

A diet will be more ineffective, and the lost pounds will come back quickly if you do not practice, in parallel, a regular sports activity. You also need to stay hydrated.

I don't like my curves

You compare yourself to models in magazines, you get remarks, or you find yourself stronger than your friends...

In this case, you are not dieting for yourself, but for others. This will make it difficult for you to stay motivated. Before starting a diet, consult a doctor about the need for your weight loss . You can also talk to a psychologist, who can help you manage your complexes and the way others look.

I'm obsessed with losing weight

This obsession can stem from an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia), which is excessively dangerous for an individual's physical and mental health.

Consulting a doctor is imperative for medical treatment.

I have a health problem (diabetes, obesity, etc.)

If you suffer from diabetes or food allergies, if you are at risk of cardiovascular disease or if you are obese, then a diet can be prescribed to you by a doctor. The purpose of the latter is to cure or reduce the symptoms.

Be careful, however, not to start a diet without consulting your doctor, at the risk of aggravating your symptoms.

Finally ready to change my diet

Going on a diet requires motivation and “good reasons”.

Motivation to start the diet, but also to change your diet in the long term . Indeed, a diet will not be effective if after a slimming program bad eating habits persist.

The "good reasons" will help you maintain a healthy balance in your diet, but also in your life.

So if you're willing to change your lifestyle, you're likely to finish your diet successfully and see long-term results.

A diet, for whom?

The principle of diets is simple: over a defined period, certain foods are prohibited or limited and others are recommended to you. This restores the balance between your food intake and your energy intake.

To avoid "yoyo" diets, it is advisable to have a healthy and balanced diet that will help you lose weight in the long term.

Persons concerned

It is strongly discouraged to organize a diet for a child without the advice of a doctor, because if it is poorly adapted, it can be dangerous and cause nutritional deficiencies and growth problems.

To lose weight, men have more facilities than women, because their body contains a greater muscle mass; their fat mass is therefore lower (10% to 15% against 18% to 25% in women).

In men, fat is mainly located in the belly. It is easily mobilized and can melt quite quickly provided that the means are given.

Stop snacking, pay attention to your meals, avoid dishes with sauce or fries, limit cheese and bread, so many ways to lose excess weight. It is also recommended to stop sweetening your coffee and limit the wine at the table.

Of course, the practice of a sport can only be an asset.

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