5 ways to cook your rice without fat

5 manières de cuisiner votre riz sans matières grasses

Rice is one of the most consumed foods in the world for its health benefits as well as its relatively low cost depending on the type of rice purchased.

Only, to keep the line, the rice must be cooked and seasoned in an optimal way.

Here are 5 ways to cook your rice without fat:

1. Spicy rice

The spices are very low calorie and perfectly season certain dishes.

You can add curry, pepper, garlic and a little salt to your white rice to make it a delicious dish.

2. Flavored rice

The 100% vegetable flavoring is a great way to season your rice, often used in African dishes, the flavoring flavors rice dishes wonderfully.

In addition, the 100% vegetable flavor is rich in protein (15g/100g) but also contains a lot of salt (19g/100g). It will therefore be useless to salt your dish.

You can combine your aroma with a little mustard and a few slices of onion.

3. Pressure cooker rice

The pressure cooker is the ideal tool for a healthy rice-based dish: 1 dose of rice, water, a little salt, spices/herbs. The pressure cooker will take care of the cooking and will bring a particularly tasty texture to your rice and will at the same time keep it warm for several hours.

4. Spicy rice pilaf with vegetables

As for the rice pilaf, you can vary the vegetables, the spices and the type of rice according to your desires at the time.

In principle, you can combine in addition to your rice: carrots and zucchini (boiled), garlic, grated ginger.

For spices you can add: Cumin, mustard seeds, turmeric, curry powder, salt pepper to taste.

5. Rice with dried fruits

Here is a dish that will delight lovers of sweet / salty.

This rice with oriental flavors is generally composed of a tasty cocktail dried fruits: pine nuts, cashews, almonds, raisins ... It's the perfect accompaniment with a good roast chicken or white meat skewers.

You can add coconut milk, onions and cinnamon to it.

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