All about the LeDiet method

Tout savoir sur la méthode LeDiet

The LeDiet method was developed by two doctors, the
Sister Apfelbaum and Doctor Benchetrit. Very popular in the United States, it allows you to relearn how to eat healthily .

The principle is to follow a low-calorie diet while maintaining a balanced diet. The nutritional program adapts to your needs and your lifestyle.

Weight loss is gradual, but lasting.

For who ?

The LeDiet method is for anyone who wants to lose weight or regain good eating habits through healthier nutrition , whether after pregnancy or to regain a firmer body.

Principle of the LeDiet method

To be effective, the LeDiet method is based on a precise individual diagnosis, in order to determine the diet best suited to make up for deficiencies or correct dietary excesses. Thus, nutrition regains its balance in terms of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids), vitamins and minerals, and caloric intake is reduced to what is strictly necessary.

However, the diet remains as close as possible to your eating habits. Your way of life is thus respected (possibility of having family meals) and you have great freedom in the choice of food and the organization of meals.

Five personalized diets

The LeDiet method offers five diets personalized according to each person's profile: Liberté, Express, Anti-cellulite, 45 years and After-baby.

The "Freedom" Diet offers a variety of nutrition with minimal restriction, for gradual weight loss ; while LeDiet "Express" allows rapid weight loss , within the first four weeks, based on a low-calorie diet . The weight should stabilize after the fifth week.

LeDiet "After-baby" helps women regain shape and fitness after pregnancy. He favors foods that help fill vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and reduce excess fat.

LeDiet "Anti-cellulite" is a targeted diet . It is based on a nutrition based on fibers, proteins, and minimizes the intake of simple sugars, salt and lipids.

Finally, LeDiet "45 ans" is a nutritional program which aims to combat the effects of aging on the body. It must be personalized in order to fill the deficiencies due to age such as a lack of protein, calcium, antioxidants...

Advantages of the LeDiet method

The LeDiet method is very successful in the United States and on the Internet. This is a serious diet , developed by doctors and proven to work. According to a 2009 survey of two thousand people who followed this diet, an average loss of 3.8 kg is to be expected.

Soft and flexible, it allows you to manage your meals and choose your food.

Easy to follow, this method adapts to family and professional life.

In addition, by following this nutritional program , you do not feel like you are on a diet and do not experience the various symptoms generally associated with dieting: hunger, frustration, fatigue, irritability.

Educational, the LeDiet method teaches you how to eat better; it therefore aims for lasting results.

Disadvantages of the LeDiet method

Nevertheless, this method is considered impersonal, since the entire nutritional program is done entirely through the Internet.

The person must therefore be highly motivated to succeed, because they follow their program independently.

In addition, the prescriptions must be followed to the letter.

No follow-up, with a nutritionist or another specialist, is put in place, which is nevertheless of great help.

Thus, even if the method has been proven, you must have a strong will to succeed, because you will be alone.

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