How long do the programs last?

All our programs are established over a period of four weeks. It is possible to adapt for various reasons, but for a better result, we recommend that you follow all the programs.

Could I reuse the program later?

Of course, all the programs are in PDF version, you can reuse them whenever you want.

How am I going to do my shopping properly?

We make it easy for you, we have established a list of foods needed for each week of the month on all programs.

What if I am allergic to a food or it is not to my liking?

No worries, you can alternate with another food provided that it appears in one of the four shopping lists of the program you are following.

What are the differences between male and female programs?

The menus and snacks remain the same, only the quantities change.

Is the weighing of food done raw or cooked?

The weighing of food must be done raw in its entirety.

Where will I receive my products after making my payment?

Once the transaction is finalized, you will receive your products by email or via a download link directly on the site.

Are payments secure?

All payment methods are 100% secure.