Presentation of the programs

The program EVOLUTION was established for a simple purpose, to make you lose weight fast.

A reduction in daily food quantity will lead to a shrinking of the stomach as well as a decrease in hunger.

The foods have been carefully selected (high protein content, minimal amount of carbohydrates and lipids) and the menus of three meals plus two snacks per day will ensure that you meet your daily nutritional needs .

The HEALTH program is an adaptation to healthy nutrition , a food rebalancing. No food is forbidden!

The goal ? A gradual recovery of good eating habits.

With a sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrates (low glycemic index), lipids (good fats), fiber, vitamins and minerals. HEALTH will teach you how to eat the most beneficial foods for your health.

A healthy and balanced diet helps maintain or improve your general health .

The program SPARTAN is a drying program.

This nutritional program will allow you to lose your stored and superfluous fats in order to obtain a good muscular definition without impact on your mass while providing you with your daily nutritional needs.

With a higher protein intake to maintain your muscle mass , good fats in moderate amounts to maintain your energy and a reduction in carbohydrates which are essential to maintain a high body metabolism.

The program ALPHA has been designed to adopt a healthy mass gain .

This nutritional program will allow you to gain muscle mass , regulate the necessary intake of good lipids while providing you with your daily nutritional needs.

To cause muscle growth, the body must ingest more calories than usual, this must be applied rigorously for optimal effect.

With high intakes of proteins and carbohydrates and a moderation of good lipids, the menus remain meticulously established to gain muscle mass by taking as little fat as possible.

The program FASTING is an intermittent fasting nutritional program , it consists of making you lose weight in a healthy and pleasant way because there are no real dietary restrictions and is very simple to set up.

When you fast, your body draws on its reserves.

The goal is to alternate short cycles of fasting and food intake with two meals a day.

This method of nutrition also has many benefits for our bodies:

  • Weight reduction
  • Cleansing the digestive system
  • Improved cognitive faculties
  • Better immune defenses
  • A regulation of hormones

And many others...

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