10 unsuspected high-calorie foods

10 aliments très caloriques non soupçonnés

There are high- calorie foods in our daily diet that we wouldn't suspect for a second to be, of course, high-calorie doesn't mean bad.

For most of the foods below, their health benefits are not to be neglected but however, they should not be abused.

Let's see together which foods are concerned:

1. Sesame seeds

Very small, sesame seeds have a good content of vitamins, iron, antioxidants and proteins.

They are also rich in lipids as well as essential fatty acids which make them a very caloric food .

Approximately 645 kcal/100g.

2. Rusks

Very often eaten at breakfast, rusks are both practical and tasty in the majority of cases, but also particularly high in calories.

Approximately 400 kcal/100g.

3. Wheat germs

An excellent alternative to rice and pasta, wheat germ contains many nutrients beneficial to our health (protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals) but remains a source of carbohydrate calories .

Approximately 380 kcal/100g.

4. Coriander seeds

Small and very fragrant, coriander seeds season our dishes perfectly but be careful not to overdo it, these small seeds are quite caloric.

Approximately 350 kcal/100g.

5. Rice cakes

Often eaten as a snack, rice cakes are caloric but can also be suitable for a weight gain food plan. like many of the foods on this list .

Approximately 376 kcal/100g.

6. Coconut

With its high content of fatty acids, the coconut is a high- calorie fruit and at the same time a good source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Approximately 374 kcal/100g.

7. Dried fruits

Frequently eaten, dried fruits are too high in sugar.

Approximately 530 kcal/100g.

8. The Lawyer

Avocado is a high- calorie fruit , but it is also very beneficial for health. Consume it in moderation.

Approximately 155 kcal/100g.

9. Pecans

Pecan nuts are often found at the top of the list of the most caloric fruits.

Approximately 690 kcal/100g.

10. Dark Chocolate

Even if it is better than white chocolate and milk chocolate, dark chocolate is often praised for its richness in magnesium but is still very high in calories.

Approximately 572 kcal/100g.


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