How to gain weight in a healthy way?

Comment prendre du poids de façon saine ?

How to gain weight by changing your diet?

The first reflex to gain weight is to eat everything and anything, especially very high-calorie foods.

However, a super-calorie cure is not without risk for the organism and can be brutal for your body.

Ask your doctor for advice before making such major dietary changes.

To gain weight properly, the principle is simple: you have to increase your energy intake! The diet must therefore provide about five hundred calories more per day in order to generate a weight gain of 500 g per week.

For it:

  1. Have fun! Unlike a slimming diet, you have the chance to indulge in foods that others forbid themselves, and to indulge yourself while achieving your goal.
  2. Higher fat or sweeter products can, of course, help you gain weight, but it is important to maintain good dietary practices, which includes eating a balanced diet, but in larger quantities. So learn to eat everything, and don't hesitate to help yourself.
  3. Choose foods with high energy density.
  4. Eat starchy foods, red meat, rich in protein, but still try to vary the protein intake.

Although you can afford, more than others, foods with a high caloric density (starchy foods, cheese, cold cuts), still keep a limited consumption of cakes, crisps and sweets: the goal is to gain weight, not only bad fats!

Similarly, limit sugary products, implicated in cholesterol and diabetes. If increasing the portions is of course effective, this technique has its limits: those of your stomach!

Indeed, it cannot be filled beyond a certain threshold, and you will then have to be inventive, by increasing the quantity of calories of your preparations for the same volume.

You can add, for example: Eggs in a gratin, mayonnaise in raw vegetables, honey in yogurt, jam in cottage cheese or fresh cream in mashed potatoes.

Finally, in addition to the three basic meals a day, have carbohydrate-rich snacks between meals: one in the morning, a snack in the afternoon, or even another snack after the evening meal, for example around 10 p.m. h.

How to gain weight by changing your lifestyle?

A person's weight is closely linked to their food hygiene, but also to their lifestyle. To lose weight, it is therefore necessary to sleep as much as possible (at least 8 hours per night), and at regular times.

On the other hand, people who want to gain weight do not want the pounds gained to be distributed in one place! To avoid this, the best solution is to practice a physical activity: this allows you to develop muscle mass and bring tone to the tissues in order to gain firmness.

How to gain weight while exercising? As seen in the paragraph above, sports activity must be regular. The effort must be accentuated and the sessions shortened but more intense! Nutrition plays an essential role, we have also created a nutritional mass gain program designed for this purpose.

On the other hand, you should know that sport increases energy expenditure: you will therefore have to compensate for this expenditure by increasing your appetite.

In addition, tobacco can tend to suppress the appetite. So, to protect your health and regain your appetite and taste of food, quit smoking.

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