Post-diet: Good habits to put in place

L’après-régime : Les bonnes habitudes à mettre en place

After a diet and for its benefits to last, it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

During a diet, we discover a new way of eating, which results in weight loss .

Controlling your weight also means controlling your relationship to food. This motivation is essential, although often forgotten.

To lose weight is above all to be reconciled with food.

However, diet should not be confused with a healthy, balanced diet . Indeed, all the methods to lose weight do not give good dietary examples to follow in the long term.

For example, the "express" program of certain diets eliminates healthy foods, this is the case of the Hollywood diet, based on fruits only... The body can thus be deficient, resulting in intense fatigue.

It is therefore important to keep in mind that a healthy and balanced diet is the key to the success of any diet .

Keep good habits after the diet

To observe long-term results and maintain a stable weight, you must continue, at the end of your diet, to:

  • Do not snack between meals
  • Eat at set times
  • Eat when you are hungry (and not out of greed)
  • Buy healthy food
  • Cooking with fresh products
  • Drink water regularly
  • Practice a sports activity

A healthy lifestyle

A hectic lifestyle is often responsible for weight gain, but also for sleep disorders, stress, irritability...

All these consequences are intimately linked to each other. This is why it is essential to associate modification of one's diet and healthy lifestyle.

For this, it is advisable to avoid greedy deviations, without completely depriving yourself, to go to bed at fixed times, to sleep at least eight hours a night and to avoid stimulants (alcohol, tobacco, coffee, etc.).

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