Everything you need to know about the Weight Watchers diet

Tout savoir le régime Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is the name of an American company founded in the 1960s.

She has set up a slimming program that combines balance and well-being. We learn to eat healthy, but also to have fun from time to time.

Weight Watchers offers weight loss programs developed and updated.

Who is the Weight Watchers diet suitable for?

The Weight Watchers diet is recommended for people who find it difficult to motivate themselves, who want to lose weight over the long term and who wish to acquire a healthy and balanced diet for their whole life.

How does the Weight Watchers diet work?

The Weight Watchers diet is a balanced low-calorie diet . It sets a maximum number of calories and fat per day.

The method is very simple and is based on two principles: a points-based program and support for motivation.

Each food is thus represented by a number of points, defined according to its nutritional intake (calories, lipid level, cost of energy transformation, etc.). A day is represented by a capital-points which allows you to freely eat what you want.

At the same time, meetings are organized each week with a facilitator who provides assistance and support to the participants. These meetings make it possible to maintain the motivation for a healthy and varied diet , while giving an important place to daily physical exercise.

The benefits of the Weight Watchers diet

The Weight Watchers program has many benefits, such as gradual, stable, reasonable weight loss and learning to eat a balanced diet . In addition, this method does not require any dietary restrictions, and a small excess is even allowed from time to time.

It is therefore a balanced diet that can be followed over several months. You do not need to weigh your food or sort it, which makes it easier to track it on a daily basis.

In addition, the program helps you to keep your motivation thanks to the meetings. These take place several times a week and in a multitude of cities.

Disadvantages of the Weight Watchers diet

The Weight Watchers slimming program has already won over many people around the world.

Nevertheless, it has some disadvantages, mainly in terms of cost.

Indeed, the weight-loss program is expensive, because meetings are chargeable (€10 on average) as well as individual interviews (€100 on average).

Subscription to the weight-loss program with Internet monitoring costs a minimum of €45 per month, and each weekly meeting costs €12.

You can also equip yourself with the online store, but this will only increase your bill.

On the other hand, not everyone enjoys group follow-up, and the program may lack personalization.

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