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Lose weight in the face: How to lose cheeks and double chin

Maigrir du visage: Comment perdre des joues et du double menton

Face fat accumulates for the same reason as other parts of the body: calorie overload. 

Here are some steps you can take to lose face fat .

How to Lose Those Cheeks and Double Chin

What to do to lose face fat? If you're reading this, that's probably the question you're asking yourself right now.

You may also be hoping that there is a secret trick that will allow you to slim down your face effortlessly. But no, it's a little more complex than that but still possible and within everyone's reach.

When you eat too much food or opt for too many high-calorie foods , your body has more energy than it needs and stores the excess as fat.

Limiting your calorie intake by following a diet plan to lose weight will get your body to start burning fat.

You can in parallel with a healthy diet use a fat burner that will give you a big boost!

Often, fat begins to accumulate around the midsection ( abdominal fat ), but your body stores it in different amounts everywhere. The arms are another area where fat can accumulate.

Once fat cells form, they stay put until your body experiences a shortage of enough energy to force it to start scavenging calories from its fat.

You can force your body to start "burning" its fat by reducing your calorie intake.

It means to choose lower calorie foods , no snacking, and eating smaller portions at mealtimes. It also means having no more than three meals a day.

With persistence, your face fat will begin to disappear .

Let's take a look at some of the things you can do to lose all that plumpness that's hitting you right now.

1. Eat for face slimming success

Certain foods are more likely to contribute to chubby cheeks and excess fat than other foods.

When you want to lose the fat that has already accumulated on your face , these are the foods that you will need to avoid.

Processed foods and refined carbs are options you should definitely avoid. Try to eat more thermal foods that help the fat burning process , like red peppers.

The problem with processed foods is that they are high in fat and/or sugar. Not all fats are bad but it must be said.

These foods often also contain salt. For reasons that will appear later in this article, salt can also fatten your face.

Refined carbohydrates are undesirable because they undergo processing that strips them of much of their natural fiber and nutrients.

This causes them to be high in empty calories.

When you eat these refined foods, they often raise your blood sugar levels. This causes an insulin reaction which can lead to sudden cravings for high calorie foods.

Processed meats to avoid include:

  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Salami
  • Sausages
  • corned beef
  • Canned meats
  • Meat sauces

Refined carbs to avoid include:

  • White rice
  • Pasta (all types)
  • White bread
  • Most breakfast cereals
  • Syrups and products containing them

The best way to lose face and body fat is to eat food that is consistent with nature. 

Choose from foods that suppress the appetite , low in fat and rich in antioxidants .

When you go to the supermarket, stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables and spend less time in the canning aisle.

Choose protein-rich lean meats like chicken and turkey breast instead of sausages, burgers, etc.

As for cookies and candies, think of them as the "enemies of your face."

If your food has a label, read it carefully.

2. Avoid over-consumption of salt to reduce facial fat

If your cheeks have developed unwanted plumpness, it may not just be due to fat.

This may be partially or entirely due to water retention and consuming too much salt may be the cause.

Many foods contain more salt than you might think, again processed foods are the main culprit.

When you consume too much salt, it encourages your body to retain water. This causes puffy skin.

It can happen in most parts of the body. When it happens to the face, it's easy to confuse these unwanted puffiness with facial fat .

Having too much salt in your diet is never a good idea, aside from giving you unwanted chubby cheeks, it can also raise your blood pressure and/or cause other unwanted health issues.

3. Say "YES!" c ardio to get rid of face fat

Regular cardiovascular exercise can also help you lose face fat .

You have to get into your diet first, but a few cardio sessions a week can go a long way in increasing the amount of fat you burn.

Some people may notice their face thinning soon enough, for others it may be later, but cardio is still a game worth playing.

It can be at the beginning or towards the end, but sooner or later the face fat will disappear.

In 2012, researchers explored the ways in which different types of exercise influenced fat mass in overweight and obese people. The study lasted eight months and 119 people participated.

The volunteers did aerobic training, resistance training or a combination of both.

Aerobics is a cardio workout that is typically used to lose weight and/or improve physical fitness. Resistance training primarily focuses on muscle growth.

The resulting data shows that people who primarily want to burn fat should opt for cardio training over resistance training every time.

4. Drink less alcohol and more water if you want to get rid of face fat

Alcohol provides more calories than most people realize. There are no good options.

Whatever your favorite drink, you should limit how much and how often you make it.

If you are in a rush to lose face fat, try not drinking it at all.

Pure alcohol provides seven calories per gram. Even if your favorite drink is relatively low in alcohol, it will still provide calories from other sources.

Every calorie you get is a calorie that could potentially direct you straight to your face or slow the rate at which you lose fat from your face .

Water, on the other hand, is pleasant for the face. If you drink a glass or two before your meals, it takes up space in your stomach and helps you eat less.

Water is a natural diuretic , it can help the weight loss process.

Cold water increase also metabolic rate when it draws heat from the stomach to bring its temperature to match that of the body.

It's not just a theory. Research proves that Staying well hydrated can be a great way to burn off extra fat .

So if you want to lose your face fat , drinking less alcohol and more water is a winning move.

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