Why alcohol and sports don't mix

Pourquoi l'alcool et le sport ne font pas bon ménage

We are in summer, and who says summer, says holidays and relaxation. Nothing more normal.

But in some people, the increase in alcohol consumption due to this period has consequences on their training and on their general condition because alcohol disrupts all the main systems of the body.

But why ?

When you drink alcohol, the body becomes dehydrated!

Indeed, when a person is intoxicated, his kidneys produce more urine than usual and therefore release a greater quantity of water.

Our body, in case of severe dehydration, can go so far as to draw water from the brain. This process will eventually cause headaches.

In athletes, dehydration will lead to a decline in form and a much longer recovery because alcohol disrupts muscle and bone regeneration after training.

Alcohol makes you fat!

You probably knew that alcohol does make you fat.

Indeed, alcohol contains empty calories that will be stored in the same way as fat .

Ethanol generally contains 7 calories/g, it is a rather substantial contribution and devoid of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These calories will therefore not be assimilated as energy.

Alcohol causes a drop in energy!

Alcohol strongly affects the metabolism, even several days after drinking you will feel a lack of energy and a negative impact on your performance.

This causes a considerable increase in the secretion of a stress hormone , which neutralizes the beneficial effect of training.

Alcohol strongly hinders muscle recovery

As mentioned above, alcohol impairs protein synthesis which usually leads to muscle repair during recovery and after exercise.

Alcohol strongly disturbs sleep , more precisely the phases of deep sleep. As a result, the recovery will be much longer.

In conclusion, you must limit your alcohol consumption for optimal sporting progress and an overall improvement in your well-being.

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