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This 65-page e-book will show you the most beneficial medicinal herbs for your health to use as effective and natural remedies.

Introduction :

A cold, a cold or something else did not always give rise to a visit to the doctor. Here again, medicinal plants were called upon to treat you and even better to cure you.

These plants are always there, ready to help you because they are nature's pharmacy.

But unfortunately, they are forgotten or worse, misunderstood because for many, knowledge of nature is a sidereal void.

However, it is so easy to combine business with pleasure, during a walk, to pick up these treasures of nature and use them when the need arises.

Whether it is to treat yourself but also to improve the taste of your dishes or even to consume them as they are or for the pleasure of tasting a good herbal tea.

It is the purpose of this guide to remind you and make you want to find what has, perhaps, made the delights of your childhood.