Does bread make you fat? True and misconceptions

Le pain fait-il grossir ? Vraies et fausses idées reçues

Wholemeal bread, white bread, sandwich bread, rye bread, bread exists in many different variations, so much so that it is eaten all over the world. However, it is still the subject of received ideas, true or false. Among which the probability that bread can make you fat. But what is it really?

Bread makes you fat

False . Eat bread in excess the will do, although a third of French people believe that bread makes you fat (according to a CSA study for the Observatoire du pain.), this food is not at all a source of weight gain provided it is of high quality and consumed in moderation. The bread, itself is a non-fatty food.

If made with wholemeal flour, it is particularly healthy and has a low fat content. It is low in fat and provides many vegetable proteins according to nutritionist Patrick Sérog.

Also, bread is a slow sugar. It takes time to be assimilated by the blood and is a real reservoir of energy. Consuming slow sugar does not promote weight gain or an increase in body fat, according to clinician-researcher Dr. John Sivenpipper of Saint-Mickael's Hospital in Toronto.

It depends on the amount consumed

True. Like any food eaten to excess, bread can make you fat if you eat it too much. A 100g baguette has approximately 280 calories.

In addition, bread contains fiber and vegetable protein, but especially starch, a carbohydrate converted into glucose during digestion and which can raise blood sugar levels. This means that it can therefore lead to overweight or obesity.

It is therefore not necessary to eat bread at every meal and even less on a daily basis. It is also recommended not to abuse starchy foods. If you eat bread, don't eat pasta or rice with it. You need to know this rule if you want to know how to lose weight .

Limit your bread intake

True. 200 grams of bread represents the same energy as 70g of pasta or 50 grams of chocolate. Too much can only lead to weight gain .

The recommended consumption is the equivalent of a quarter of a baguette for children and half a baguette for adults. If you can maintain this ration, you can consume it daily.

Also, choose breads with low or moderate glycemic indexes such as wholemeal bread, rye bread, or bran bread.

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