The essential vitamins to face the winter

Les vitamines essentielles pour affronter l’hiver

Winter is a period during which our immune defenses are attacked by numerous pathologies capable of weakening them.

It is at this time of the year that the viruses carrying influenza germs are the most numerous and most virulent. Without a suitable diet , the body can easily succumb to these various attacks.

This is why it is important to stock up on vitamins in order to be well prepared for winter.

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What are the essential vitamins to face the winter?

Vitamin C

A true ally against the flu, vitamin C is the first element to favor in anticipation of winter.

During this time of year, the body functions in slow motion. Due to the cold, it is not uncommon for the whole body to lose its tone. In some people, the arrival of winter even causes an unexplained state of fatigue.

In order to reinvigorate your body, it is advisable to favor a diet rich in vitamin C. The latter is present in citrus fruits or kiwi. This element is all the more appreciated for its action of strengthening the immune defense.

To get the full vitamin C from your food, it is recommended to consume at least one raw vegetable or fruit per day. Otherwise, you can also take vitamin C as a dietary supplement.

Group B vitamins

It is one of the elements that help strengthen the body to enable it to fight against the cold.

Vitamin B participates in the transformation of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins into energy intended to strengthen the human organism.

In addition to helping in the production of white and red blood cells, it also plays an important role in the activities of the nervous system.

To face the winter in the best conditions, it is therefore recommended to favor a diet rich in vitamin B6.

The latter helps you fight winter fatigue and stress. It is present in cooked liver, meat, fish, peanuts, nutritional yeast, salmon, legumes, etc.

It is also necessary to favor a nutrition enriched with vitamin B12. This helps you fight skin dryness, a common phenomenon in winter.

This vitamin also participates in cell renewal. You can find it in meats, seafood, eggs, organ meats, and fish.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D should also be present in everyone's daily nutrition during the winter season. It is an element that ensures the proper growth of bones and ideal for maintaining the body's bone structure in good health.

It is possible to find this element in certain types of fish such as salmon, trout or even herring.

Vitamin D is also present in milk as well as eggs. Moreover, as it is a calcium-fixing element, it is important to expose yourself to daylight regularly during the winter to have a good dose of vitamin D.

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